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Avoid These Common Mixing Mistakes At All Cost

Avoid These Common Mixing Mistakes At All Cost

Sep 9, 2020 (Updated on Nov 10, 2023)

Common mixing mistakes. In this article, we'll go through some of the most common mistakes made in the studio when trying to achieve a professional sounding mix.

1. Mixing too loud

Let's start with the most common mixing mistake. Mixing your mixes too loud can lead to mixing mistakes, or even worse, hearing damage. Make sure to keep an eye on volume levels and take little breaks in between your sessions to keep your ears fresh.

2. Too much limiting

One of the most common mixing mistakes. Loud isn't better. Avoid excessive limiting if you want a professional-sounding mix.

3. Lacking automation

Automation offers an incredible creative way to affect your mix. Don't ignore the possibility of making your mix unique

4. Too much reverb

Create realistic spaces with your reverb. Unless you're purposely overprocessing for dramatic or creative effect, use reverb reasonably and avoid overusing it.

5. Overusing solo

Phase relationships alter how instruments sound when played together, as opposed to when they are played alone. A full mix should be played when altering even just one instrument.

6. Over compression

Compression is the secret weapon of good mixes but too much compression can make your track sound small and squashed. This is another very common mixing mistake. Make sure to use compression only where necessary.

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