Piano Chords Chart Mousepad Black

Material: Non Slip Rubber+Fabric Top
Size: 355*254*3mm
Package: 1 pc/polybag + Musiciangoods sticker

  • Mouse pad ensures smoother mouse control and pinpoint accuracy
  • Provides a smooth surface for improved mouse tracking
  • Durable fabric surface provides excellent point-and-click precision
  • Nonslip neoprene base keeps mouse pad firmly in place
  • Worldwide shipping (shipping can take up to 3 weeks)
  • Displays most relevant chords in all keys 
  • Chords: Major, Minor, Seventh, Augmented, Diminished
  • Keys: C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#,A,A#,B


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The Piano Chords Chart mousepad displays all the Major, Minor, Seventh,  Augmented and Diminished chords in all keys. This will make chord progressions much easier having all the chords you’ll need within reach.

The mousepads are hand-made in the Netherlands.

Available in two colors. Black-white and White-black.

Smooth Surface

Made from high-quality, durable jersey, the mouse pad’s surface delivers exceptional point-and-click accuracy without creating excessive friction. The pad helps keep your mouse on track, so you can browse, work, and game with pinpoint precision.

Neoprene Backing Prevents Slipping

The Logic Pro Hotkey Mouse Pad keeps planted firmly in place on most surfaces, even during intense use. The neoprene base prevents slipping, allowing you to freely maneuver your mouse without interruption.

Additional information

Weight0.396 g
Dimensions13.9 × 10 × 0.1 mm

Black, White

15 reviews for Piano Chords Chart Mousepad Black

  1. Angela

    I just got one for my boyfriend, thank you so much!

  2. Darwin

    Saw this on instagram and said shut up and take my money.

    Thank you for the fast delivery!

  3. Piotr

    + Easily readable
    + Great design looks really good
    + Large size

    – Maybe you could’ve added more chords?

    Overall great product.

  4. amazingJ

    Ya’ll keep pushing!! You’ve got my vote 🙂 Great stuff

  5. TBEFM

    Thank you guys!! this is great. Will definitely be supporting ya’ll from now on.

  6. Jan

    Thank you this made me very happy. I always wanted to play piano but i have difficulties learning music theory. Found you through a youtube video but wasn’t sure if it was gonna be worth it. I could’ve also just googled some chords and learn that way, but this actually make sure you keep the chords on your desk. Now i find myself looking at the chords and playing around everyday which has been super helpful.

    I will recommend your products to my friends!!

    Looks beautiful in my little home studio

  7. Sabrina De Groot

    I got this for my boyfriend and he loves it !

    Sabrina De Groot
  8. Jonni Blazeeeee

    Man this helps me so much!! i hate music theory but this makes it seem easy. I can even customise the chords myself and make them more complex. All you really need is to know the basics.

    Jonni Blazeeeee
  9. Petezking

    Are there other colors available?

  10. Maria

    Im in love with this mousepad! thank you so much

  11. Jennymartinez

    In love with it look so good

  12. AngelaJJ

    Arrived right on time and came with a cute gift packed inside made my day!!

  13. Shaun

    Thank you for this innovative mousepad! Im in love with it 😍

  14. Hassan

    As a beginner producer i always struggle with chords. If you don’t know anything about music theory this is a great way to start. There are so many chords that you can duplicate pretty much any song in the world. It has helped me tremendously. 🤗

  15. Chris

    This brings me one step closer to my goals. Thanks 👊🏽

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