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MIDI packs offer a wealth of opportunities for producers to enhance their skills and creativity, making free MIDI files an ideal starting point.

Similar to sheet music or guitar tabs, MIDI files provide invaluable insights into songwriting techniques and enable players to refine their musical abilities in various ways.

By studying the composition of your favorite tracks through MIDI files, you can gain a deeper understanding of how they captivate audiences. Moreover, practicing alongside MIDI files at adjustable tempos can significantly improve your piano-playing proficiency.

Utilizing MIDI files can also streamline the remixing process, eliminating the need to decipher melodies and chords from scratch. Instead, it liberates your creativity by providing a foundation to build upon.

Despite misconceptions labeling MIDI pack usage as "cheating" or diminishing one's status as a "real producer," the reality is quite the opposite. MIDI packs serve as invaluable resources for fostering growth and development within the realm of music production.


Beatmaker Blueprint (Teaser Pack) by Unison

Unison has gained recognition for their exceptional MIDI offerings. As a testament to their quality, we provide their MIDI chord pack at no cost to students who enroll in the Hyperbits Masterclass.

This particular pack holds immense value for beatmakers and hip-hop producers alike.

This comprehensive pack includes a diverse array of sounds carefully curated to elevate your music production experience:

  • 12 rich and dynamic 808s
  • 6 atmospheric textures to add depth to your compositions
  • 6 bass loops accompanied by matching MIDI for seamless integration
  • 6 potent bass shots for crafting powerful basslines
  • 9 crisp claps to enhance rhythm and groove
  • 11 closed hats for precise percussion arrangements
  • 6 versatile cymbals to add shimmer and character to your beats
  • 12 intricate drum loops, supplemented by 73 matching MIDI stems and 44 corresponding audio stems for maximum flexibility
  • 6 foley elements to infuse organic textures into your tracks
  • 9 diverse FX and miscellaneous sounds for creative embellishment
  • 11 punchy kicks to drive your music forward with authority
  • 24 captivating melody loops, complemented by 76 matching MIDI stems and 85 corresponding audio stems for endless melodic inspiration
  • 18 expressive melodic shots to enrich your arrangements
  • 6 open hats for adding dynamic variations to your percussion
  • 9 distinct percussive elements to add complexity and groove
  • 6 rim shots to punctuate your rhythms with precision
  • 3 snappy snaps to add subtle accents and character to your beats

With this extensive collection at your disposal, your creative possibilities are boundless.

In select instances, Unison thoughtfully provides MIDI counterparts to complement the audio loops featured in this pack. This thoughtful inclusion simplifies the process of drawing inspiration from the audio loops while seamlessly substituting your preferred sounds.

This feature allows you to effortlessly retain the essence of the groove while infusing your unique style and sonic elements with ease and efficiency.

Simply drag the MIDI files into your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW), assign your preferred synth preset, and voilà! You've effortlessly crafted an original track tailored to your artistic vision. With this level of convenience and versatility, the provision of free MIDI files by Unison sets a new standard of excellence in music production resources.

Download this free MIDI pack here 


Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials - by Unison

While impeccable production quality undoubtedly enhances a musical piece, it's often the songwriting prowess that truly elevates it to hit status, rendering it memorable and impactful.

With this in mind, Unison has meticulously crafted this pack to empower you in delving into advanced scales effortlessly, allowing you to experiment with them within your compositions sans the need for extensive music theory knowledge.

Within this comprehensive pack, you'll discover:

  • 8 fundamental scale MIDI files, meticulously crafted for the following scales:

    • Dorian
    • Double Harmonic
    • Harmonic Dominant
    • Harmonic Minor
    • Major Pentatonic
    • Melodic Minor
    • Minor Sixth Diminished
    • Phrygian
  • 16 meticulously designed chords and melodies, each poised to inspire and elevate your musical compositions.

Every single one of the complimentary MIDI files provided here is set in the key of C. Consequently, your task is simplified to merely importing the MIDI into your digital audio workstation (DAW) and adjusting its pitch upwards or downwards to align with the scale of your composition—a process known as transcribing.

However, in certain cases, you might encounter individual 'delinquent' notes that stray from the designated scale. It may be necessary to realign these notes to ensure harmony within your piece. These stray notes often stand out discordantly when juxtaposed with the rest of the composition.

Download this free MIDI pack here


Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions - By Unison

Chord progressions serve as the bedrock of any musical composition, providing the essential framework that guides the flow and evokes the emotion inherent in the music.

Indeed, the resonance and impact of hit songs are often attributed to their masterful chord progressions.

In essence, this pack represents a curated compilation of chord progressions extracted from some of the most iconic and enduring hits of all time.

Within this exceptional pack, you'll discover:

  • 24 complimentary MIDI file chord progressions meticulously organized by key, showcasing the distinctive styles of renowned artists such as:
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Post Malone
    • Billie Eilish
    • Ariana Grande
    • Disclosure
    • Daft Punk
    • Porter Robinson
    • YNW Melly
    • ODESZA
    • Travis Scott
    • ZHU
    • Tiesto
    • David Bowie
    • The Weeknd
    • The Chainsmokers
    • Lil Tecca
    • DaBaby
    • Duke Dumont, and many more illustrious talents.

Feel free to utilize these complimentary MIDI files as the cornerstone of your upcoming track. Begin by segmenting each chord into its individual MIDI clip, allowing you the flexibility to rearrange the order of these clips creatively, thereby crafting a fresh and unique chord progression.

And remember, the most important aspect of music production is to enjoy the process. So, delve into your creativity and have fun with it!

Download this free MIDI pack here


Essential MIDI Melodies - By Unison

Melodies undoubtedly stand as the focal point of your compositions, as they serve as the captivating element that resonates with listeners. Ultimately, it's the melody that remains ingrained in the minds of your audience, compelling them to hum your tunes long after the music has ceased.

Whether it's catching yourself singing in the shower or hearing others whistle your melody on the streets, it's the power of these memorable tunes that truly leave a lasting impression.

Within this collection, you'll find:

  • 12 distinct and captivating MIDI melodies, each possessing the potential to become a hit in its own right.

When faced with the creative challenge of "writer's block," consider turning to this pack for inspiration. With the flexibility to manipulate notes in various directions — up, down, or even side-to-side — you'll have the freedom to craft entirely new and original compositions, revitalizing your creative process.

Download this free MIDI pack here 


Essential MIDI Drum Kits - By Unison

The rhythmic pulse of your music is driven by its drums, serving as the heartbeat that propels your compositions forward. It's often the intricate drum patterns that create a sense of allure and captivate listeners, effectively building and releasing tension within the music.

Moreover, the choice of drum elements can subtly shape the genre of the song, further emphasizing the significance of drums in defining the musical landscape.

Equipping yourself with MIDI drum kit files can markedly accelerate your music production process, granting you the tools to swiftly bring your musical ideas to life.

Contained within this pack are 5 meticulously crafted MIDI drum kits, comprising:

  • 5 Kick MIDI Lines
  • 5 Closed Hat MIDI Lines
  • 5 Open Hat MIDI Lines
  • 5 Snare/Clap MIDI Lines
  • 6 Perc MIDI Lines
  • 2 Off-Snare MIDI Lines

As a helpful tip, consider saving these invaluable MIDI files into your favorites folder or templates. This ensures easy access whenever you embark on a new musical journey.

And always keep in mind that when using these MIDI files alongside your drum sounds, the spaces of silence between each sound are just as crucial as the notes and sounds themselves, contributing to the overall rhythm and dynamics of your composition.

Download this free Unison MIDI pack here


Essential Advanced MIDI Chord Progressions By Unison

As previously emphasized, the caliber of your songwriting holds the potential to either elevate or hinder your track's success.

A notable technique for setting your music apart is by incorporating advanced chord progressions into your compositions.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 24 meticulously crafted and distinctive chord progressions.

Here's a helpful tip: Some songwriters opt to kickstart their creative process by either crafting the melody or establishing the drum groove first. If you find yourself leaning towards this approach, consider experimenting with writing the chord progressions beforehand.

This pack serves as a tool to explore novel avenues in your songwriting process. Embrace this opportunity to diversify your approach, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Download this free Unison MIDI pack here


Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls - By Unison

Introducing the last installment of free MIDI files from Unison, designed to streamline your workflow:

In many instances, the success of a song hinges on the quality of its percussion. While a composition may boast great potential, inadequate percussion arrangements can undercut its impact.

For those who find themselves grappling with drum patterns, MIDI files featuring pre-set grooves can serve as invaluable aids.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 10 MIDI hi-hat rolls, each crafted to enhance your percussion arrangements.

Here's a pro tip: If you're working within Ableton, consider placing each hi-hat roll in individual take lanes. Utilize the draw/pencil tool to select different sections of each MIDI clip, allowing you to construct new and intriguing rolls with ease. This method opens the door to endless possibilities for enhancing your drum arrangements.

Download this free MIDI pack here


Waves MIDI Collection by

Waves presents a curated selection of free MIDI files, serving as a sampler to Cymatic's renowned "Vibes" pack.

This collection is tailored to cater to the diverse needs of music producers across various genres including rap, trap, R&B, hip-hop, and house music.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 30 MIDI files, meticulously labeled by key for easy integration into your productions.

Here's a helpful tip: For a quick reference on the notes comprising major and minor scales, consult a reliable source to enhance your understanding of musical theory and composition.

Download this free MIDI pack by Cymatics here


Python MIDI Collection from

Crafted by a Grammy-nominated pianist, this pack by offers a treasure trove of musical inspiration.

Featuring authentic sounds meticulously curated to complement genres such as hip-hop, trap, and R&B, this collection is sure to elevate your productions to new heights.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 51 MIDI loops sourced from the renowned (paid) Python MIDI Collection.

Here's a valuable tip: On days when the creative muse seems elusive, consider turning to MIDI melody packs like this one to jumpstart your musical journey.

Pair your preferred synthesizer with these MIDI files, and experiment with different presets to uncover fresh ideas. Inspiration strikes unexpectedly, so seize the opportunity whenever it arises.

Undoubtedly, this ranks among the finest free MIDI file packs available, offering unparalleled creative potential for producers of all levels.

Download this free MIDI pack by Cymatics here


Orchid from

Orchid offers a captivating collection of MIDI, serving as a rich reservoir of vibrant melodies teeming with emotive depth.

Beyond MIDI, this pack boasts an extensive array of additional resources to enhance your musical endeavors.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 21 complete MIDI melodies, meticulously crafted to convey profound emotion and artistic expression.
  • 434 audio samples and stems, providing an expansive sonic palette to enrich your productions.

Here's a valuable tip: In Ableton, experiment with placing a full stem from a song into the Sampler device. By playing various notes on your keyboard, you can create new chopped-up sounds with ease. Combine this method with free MIDI files to embark on an experimental journey, unlocking endless creative possibilities.

Orchid stands as a testament to's commitment to delivering top-tier resources for music producers, offering an unparalleled wealth of inspiration and innovation.

Download this free Cymatics MIDI pack here


Oracle from

In an act of extraordinary generosity, presents Oracle—a pack brimming with complimentary MIDI files, samples, and loops.

Delve into this treasure trove of resources, where creativity knows no bounds.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 100 MIDI files, offering a diverse array of musical motifs to spark your imagination.
  • 310 samples and loops, providing a rich tapestry of sounds to enhance your productions.

Here's a valuable tip: While Oracle is particularly suited for genres such as rap, hip hop, and R&B, don't hesitate to explore its potential across other musical styles.

Experiment by applying ample reverb to one of the loops, transforming it into a lush backing atmosphere that elevates the mood of your track.

Oracle stands as a testament to's commitment to empowering music producers with premium-quality resources, fostering creativity and innovation across the global music community.

Download this free Cymatics MIDI pack here


Odyssey - EDM Sample Pack from

EDM continues to reign supreme in the music industry, with its influence extending even into mainstream pop music, where electronic instruments have become commonplace. In light of this trend, the inclusion of free MIDI files in this pack is especially valuable.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 45 MIDI files, crafted to ignite creativity and innovation in your productions.
  • 367 samples and loops, offering a vast array of sounds to enhance your musical creations.

Here's a valuable tip: Don't limit yourself to producing exclusively within the EDM genre. Even if your musical style differs, the resources in this pack can be invaluable. Remember, art knows no boundaries, so feel free to experiment and explore new creative territories.

Odyssey - EDM Sample Pack exemplifies's commitment to providing cutting-edge resources that inspire and empower music producers across diverse genres, encouraging artistic freedom and expression without constraints.

Download this free MIDI pack here 


Cobra - Hip-Hop MIDI Pack from

A meticulously curated assortment of flute melodies, guitars, drum loops, MIDI, and more, The Cobra Pack offers an authentic and diverse collection of musical elements.

Tailored specifically for hip hop and beat-making enthusiasts, the free MIDI files included in this pack serve as invaluable resources for crafting captivating rhythms and melodies.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 24 MIDI Loops
  • 14 hi-hat MIDI patterns
  • Over 50 trap drum loops
  • More than 100 drum one shots
  • 29 Melody Loops
  • 24 guitar and flute melodic loops

Here's a valuable tip: While this pack provides the essential ingredients for creating a beat, remember that true uniqueness lies in your creative approach. Simply dragging and dropping sounds won't suffice; it's how you select and process these samples with post-FX that sets you apart.

Strive to go the extra mile in your production process, experimenting with different samples and applying creative effects. By investing the effort, you'll reap rewards tenfold, crafting distinctive and memorable compositions that resonate with listeners.

Eternity - Free Lo-Fi MIDI pack from

At the time of writing, this pack is available for free, a generous offer considering its usual price of $35. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your music production arsenal.

Lofi music has been experiencing a significant surge in popularity within the electronic music scene, with its distinctive sound captivating listeners worldwide.

Among the vast array of free sample packs offered by Cymatics, these MIDI files stand out as one of the largest collections available.

Contained within this pack are:

  • 22 MIDI files, offering a wealth of musical motifs to inspire your compositions.
  • 9 hi-hat MIDI files, providing rhythmic elements essential for crafting groovy beats.
  • 62 drum loops, delivering a diverse range of rhythms to enhance your tracks.
  • 102 drum one shots, offering versatile percussion sounds to complement your productions.
  • 30 guitar loops, adding melodic warmth and texture to your music.

Here's a valuable tip: For enthusiasts of the lofi sound, consider exploring the VST plugin RC-20 Retro Color. While priced at $100, this plugin has become a staple tool for many producers, offering a wide range of vintage effects to achieve that signature lofi vibe. Investing in RC-20 Retro Color is a decision you won't regret—it's sure to become your most-used plugin, elevating your productions to new heights.

Download this free Lo-Fi MIDI pack here 

As we conclude this exploration of the best free MIDI packs available, it's clear that these resources offer invaluable support and inspiration for music producers of all levels. Whether you're crafting intricate melodies, crafting dynamic drum patterns, or experimenting with genre-defining chord progressions, these packs provide a wealth of creative possibilities.

Remember, the beauty of music production lies in its endless potential for experimentation and innovation. With these free MIDI packs at your disposal, there's no limit to what you can create. So dive in, explore, and let your creativity soar.

We hope you've found this guide helpful in discovering new avenues for your musical journey. Keep honing your skills, pushing boundaries, and most importantly, enjoying the process.

Until next time, happy producing!

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