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The Ultimate List Of The Best Free Vocal Samples (In 2024)

Are you looking to spice up your drum sample library with some amazing free vocal samples and vocal loops? Vocal samples can be used to do a multitude of amazing things for you in the studio.


Why you need vocal samples?

They contribute an additional layer for your audience, enhancing your music's memorability, catchiness, and commercial appeal.

That's not all, vocal samples can also:

  • Streamline the process of structuring and arranging your next song, acting as a valuable shortcut.
  • Spark inspiration, alleviating the need to start from scratch and ultimately saving you time and effort.
  • Function as a temporary placeholder for your upcoming single;
  • Produce your song with a vocal sample or acapella and seamlessly replace it when searching for an official vocalist.

This article is here precisely for these reasons.

Let's be honest; this blog post is quite remarkable. It compiles the top 17 free vocal packs available on the internet today, categorizing them based on size, sample count, and their distinctive features.

The most exciting part? You won't need to empty your wallet on numerous sample packs or invest in session singers. Abundant free vocal samples are accessible, providing ample opportunities to unleash your creativity.

But who really has the time to sift through the internet for the best vocal samples? We've taken care of that for you, so you can dive back into creating exceptional music without the hassle. 


1. Landr

While LANDR is renowned for its automated mastering services, it's worth noting they offer a variety of samples too.

Packed with 50 soulful samples that seamlessly complement EDM music, this collection includes one-shots, loops, and atmospheres – making it an ideal starting point for your music endeavors.

A heads up: to access this pack, you'll need to create a LANDR account. However, once you've done that, the pack is entirely free for you to explore and utilize in your creative process. 

File size: 127GB

Vocal samples: 50

Download it here.

2. EDM Vocals | HighLife Samples

HighLife Samples gifts another free sample pack featuring 5 full male acapella vocals, both wet and dry versions. Unlocking this download also grants instant access to all of their free packs.

Ideal for crafting emotional EDM songs, this pack, with a total size of 3.9 GB and 5 samples, stands out for offering full wet and dry male acapellas – a rarity in itself. 

Vocal samples: 5

Total size: 3.9 GB

Download this sample pack here.


3. Black Octopus Sounds

This collection offers a diverse range of free vocal samples, perfectly suited for various EDM genres.

Black Octopus Sound stands out as a goldmine for sample enthusiasts. Among their notable offerings is the renowned vocal pack by Veela.

This complimentary pack is an expansive 2.5 GB, showcasing not only a sampler of the Veela pack but also a plethora of other sounds. The only requirement is signing up for their mailing list, a small ask considering the immense size and quality of the pack – a 100% worthwhile investment.

Spanning across numerous genres, this pack, totaling 1.8 GB with 1038 samples, is a versatile toolkit for crafting exceptional songs. What makes it truly unique is the vast assortment of meticulously chosen samples from Black Octopus' extensive library, making it arguably one of the finest vocal sample packs ever curated. 

File size: 1.8GB

Vocal samples: 1038

Download this free sample pack here.


4. Free Female Vocal Samples | MusicRadar

MusicRadar once again impresses with their latest offering, featuring a staggering 1,338 soulful female vocals.

This expansive pack caters to a multitude of genres, including rock, trance, hip hop, and more. The creative potential embedded in this pack is substantial, making it a valuable resource for your musical endeavors.

Don't hesitate to explore the diverse array of sounds in this pack as you embark on creating your next beat. 

Vocal samples: 1,338

Total size: 469 MB

Download this free female vocal sample pack here.

Note: This pack is not just large; it's a treasure trove of diverse sounds, making it an exceptional addition to your collection of free vocal samples. Don't miss out


5. Free Vocal Pack by Takeaway Sounds | Antidote Audio

A collaborative effort between Antidote Audio, Takeaway Sounds, and Malarkey, this pack stands out with its abundance of samples. Inside, discover 16 adlibs, 10 vocal cuts, 7 loops, 7 acapellas (some including stems), 4 shouts, and more.

While the pack is behind a Soundcloud fangate, the mix-ready and high-quality nature of these samples makes it worth the exchange. 

Total size: 317 MB

Vocal samples: 56

Download this free sample pack here.


6. Ad-lib Samples | MusicRadar

MusicRadar, primarily known for gear news, reveals a hidden gem with their vocal sample pack.

Within this pack, discover a vast collection of 327 ad-lib, FX, and spoken word samples. The best part? No need to surrender your data to access these gems.

Ideal for elevating your EDM or pop compositions, these samples bring a wealth of creative possibilities. 

Vocal samples: 327

Total size: 266 MB

Download this free sample pack here. 

 Note: These free vocal samples from MusicRadar might just become your go-to for ad-lib samples. Consider yourself warned.


7. Free Female Vocals | Ghosthack

Ghosthack modestly describes this pack as "decent" on their website, but the reality is quite the opposite.

Packed with high-quality and diverse sounds, this collection seamlessly fits into electronic music genres. For the simple exchange of your email, you gain access to 75 vocal samples, including FX, dry, and wet sounds.

With a total size of 244 MB and 75 samples, this pack is a wellspring of inspiration for your next hit. Remember, just because the vocal samples are free, it doesn't mean you can't craft a chart-topping banger with them.

What makes this pack stand out is its abundance of diverse and fun sounds, making it an excellent fit for tech house, piano house, and classic house genres. Explore the possibilities and let your creativity run wild! 

File size: 244MB

Vocal samples: 75

Download this free sample pack here.


8. Vocal Loops 2022 | Dynasty Blog

Ensuring a broad spectrum of genres in our vocal sample pack coverage, Dynasty Blog presents an ideal selection.

While there are no strict rules on sample usage for specific genres, this pack caters perfectly to reggaetón, reggae, dancehall moombahton, afro, and more. Dive into 29 great-sounding vocal melody loops, including enticing vocal chop loops.

Fuel your inspiration and draw from the creativity embedded in this pack for your next hit. 

Vocal samples: 29

Total size: 102 MB

Download this free sample pack here.

 Note: Uniquely featuring wet vocal chop melody loops, this pack from Dynasty Blog is a potent source for inspiration, creativity, and igniting the start of your next song.


9. Vocal Hazard Pack Volume 2 Demo | VOLTEROCK

Volterock brings a generous vocal pack of 748 sounds, containing a variety of “hazardous wails of humanity.” Unique in its offering, this pack includes vowels, spoken words, coughs, burps, and more.

Ideal for producers scoring movies or those wanting to add a distinctive touch to their songs, this pack stands out for its lack of strings attached to download. 

Total size: 129 MB

Vocal samples: 748

Download this free sample pack here.


10. Sexy Whispers | 91Vocals

For a touch of whispered allure, look no further than Sexy Whispers by 91Vocals.

This pack offers 27 dry processed whispered words and 27 wet (and undeniably sexy) whispers set in clean reverb spaces. Infuse sensuality and emotion into your music with these captivating samples.

While you'll need to provide some information to access this pack, the high-quality samples make it entirely worthwhile. With a total size of 35 MB and 54 samples, what sets this pack apart is its unique offering of free vocal samples featuring exclusively sexy whispers – a rare gem in the world of sample packs. Unleash your creativity and have fun with this one! 

File size: 54MB

Vocal samples: 54

Download this free sample pack here.


11. Free Vocal Samples | Stay On Beat

Stay On Beat surprises with a complimentary vocal sample pack, showcasing their commitment to delivering only the highest quality samples.

This pack encompasses 17 samples of loops, spanning choirs, female voices, harmonies, and melodies. A treasure trove for adding a touch of uniqueness to your tracks, these samples are bound to spice up your music.

 Stay On Beat goes the extra mile by encouraging you to submit beats created with their samples for potential feature on their blog, offering added exposure that could be a game-changer for your career.

 Vocal samples: 17

Total size: 40 MB

Download this free sample pack here.

Note: Most of these free vocal samples carry a dreamy and airy quality, making them perfect for inspiring atmospheres and textures in your music.



12. Joshua David Washington - Free Vocal Soundpack

Meet Joshua David Washington, a skilled artist, composer, singer, and songwriter. His sample pack is a treasure trove of soulful sounds influenced by jazz, RnB, soul, and hip hop.

This collection, with the full pack priced at only $6 for 46 sounds, offers an opportunity to infuse your beats with vocal chops, shots, harmonies, and more. If the preview captures your interest, exploring the full pack is highly recommended. 

With a total size of 12 MB and 5 samples, what sets this pack apart is its exceptionally high-quality soulful samples, promising to add a distinctive touch to your music creations. 

File size: 12MB

Vocal samples: 5

Download this free sample pack here. 


Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You've successfully built a substantial library of vibrant and cost-free vocal samples.

These sounds will inject new life and breath into your music, and the best part is, your wallet gets a well-deserved break.

Always remember: The fact that vocal samples are free doesn't diminish the potential to craft an incredible song with them. Embrace the creativity at your fingertips!




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