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For any music producer, having top-tier drum samples in their arsenal is essential. We carefully curate the finest free drum kits to enrich your music production toolkit.

In the vast landscape of downloadable drum sample packs, it's all too common to encounter options that only clutter your workflow without adding real value. The key lies in selecting drum kits of exceptional quality, ensuring they're readily available in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) the instant inspiration strikes.

So, the pivotal question becomes: which free drum kits stand out as the best options to download right now? 


Black Octopus Sound

Black Octopus Sound is a renowned sound design label known for creating high-quality, royalty-free sound libraries tailored for modern electronic music production.

Their most acclaimed release, the Leviathan series, has gained widespread popularity among music producers and beatmakers for its exceptional sound quality, versatility, and well-organized content.

Now, imagine getting some of those top-notch drums for free—sounds enticing, right?

Well, you're in luck! Black Octopus Sound offers a complimentary 1.5 GB sample library containing a diverse array of percussion sounds, loops, and, of course, drum kits.

Download this free 1,5 GB sample library here


99 Drum Samples

99 Drum Samples offers a collection of free drums featuring two kits: 99 Drum Samples I and 99 Drum Samples II. Together, they pack a total of 219 drum samples in high-quality 24-bit WAV format.

These drum sounds are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your music without worrying about legal issues. They're versatile and fit well across different music genres, spanning from hip-hop grooves to punchy techno beats, heavy dubstep vibes, and even crunchy lo-fi textures.

The folks at 99Sounds gathered these drum samples from a variety of sources, including analog and digital synthesizers, acoustic drum kits, and recordings from the field. They've then applied a range of sound design techniques to give each drum its own unique character. This includes methods like resampling to tape, shaping transients, layering sounds, adding amplification effects, and more.

Download it here


Reverb Drum Machines 

Reverb Drum Machines presents the ultimate compilation of drum machine sounds, boasting an extensive collection of hundreds of drum kits sourced from over 50 iconic drum machines and synthesizers.

From the legendary 808 drums to the timeless LinnDrum sounds, this collection caters to every taste. And for those seeking more obscure options, why not explore the Panasonic RD-9844 drum kit?

Additionally, the library includes contemporary drum instruments such as the AdrenaLinn and the MFB 503, ensuring a diverse range of sounds for modern music production.

All drum sounds included in the library are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your music without any legal restrictions. Furthermore, the drum kits are provided in WAV format, ensuring full compatibility with all Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and samplers.

For further exploration, Reverb offers complimentary packs like the Modern-Retro Drum Sample Pack and Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1, which are also worth checking out for additional sonic inspiration.

Download this free drum collection here


Goldbaby sample pack

Goldbaby stands as an iconic figure in the world of drum sample libraries. The timeless allure of his Cassette808 samples remains unmatched, offering some of the finest 808 sounds available for download. Moreover, his MPC drums impeccably encapsulate the vintage charm and lo-fi grit of the classic sampler, providing a nostalgic yet versatile addition to any music producer's toolkit.

Goldbaby's website has lots of free drum kits that are really worth checking out. They've got classic drum machine sounds from Roland recorded onto tape, as well as drum hits taken from rare synthesizers and old drum machines.

What makes Goldbaby's drum samples stand out is how well they're processed. These drum hits are ready to use in any project and they sound fantastic right away.

If you make hip-hop or electronic music, you should definitely head over to Goldbaby's Free Sample Packs page—it's a great place to find cool new sounds for your tracks.

Download it here 



Gratis is a complimentary drum sample collection offered by That Sound, a respected name in sound design. Renowned for their emphasis on delivering production-ready drum sounds that are rich and impactful straight from the get-go, That Sound's work has garnered a strong following.

With Gratis, you have the opportunity to experience a sample of That Sound's exceptional sound libraries at no cost. This free drum kit boasts a generous offering of 500 drums.

Inside this free library, you'll discover a curated selection of sounds sourced from That Sound's commercial releases. Expect to find a diverse range of drum kits suitable for various genres, including hip-hop, acoustic drums, and electronic drum hits.

Within this free collection, you'll discover an extensive selection of drum sounds, ranging from Tuned Kicks and Snares to Electronic Percussion, Hihats, Drum Fills, and more.

To access this treasure trove of sounds, all you need to do is provide a valid email address to download the free Black Octopus Sound sample collection. Trust me, the effort is well worth it for the quality and variety you'll receive.

Download this free sample collection here


Analog Drums by Six Bit Deep

Analog Drums by Six Bit Deep offers three free drum kits: Analog Kicks, Analog Snares & Claps, and Analog Hi-Hats.

These drum samples are meticulously crafted, with Six Bit Deep sampling hits from various electronic and acoustic drum kits using high-end recording equipment. They then applied their mastering expertise to ensure the drums sound exceptional.

Six Bit Deep also employed processing techniques such as saturation, compression, and equalization using studio-grade equipment from renowned manufacturers like Neve, Fairman, and Pultec.

The result is a set of electronic drums that are both punchy enough to cut through a busy mix and versatile enough to allow for additional processing.

In summary, these free drum kits offer an excellent selection of high-quality drum samples suitable for various music styles, making them valuable additions to any producer's toolkit.

Download it here


Samples From Mars

Samples From Mars boasts one of the most extensive collections of drum machine kits available online. They've meticulously sampled numerous popular drum machines, ranging from Roland's iconic TR series to lesser-known gems like Drumtrax and DMX.

While most of their offerings are reasonably priced, Samples From Mars also features a free downloads section, which is the focus of this article.

In this section, you'll find six top-tier free drum kits, including the highly acclaimed Free 808 From Mars sample library, renowned as one of the best free 808 kits around.

As a bonus, we recently highlighted the best free 808 plugins in a separate article, so be sure to check that out too.

Download this free sample pack here



Drumdrops provides budget-friendly drum kits tailored for Kontakt users. Their complimentary offering, the Modern Funk Kit, stands out as an excellent resource for vibrant acoustic drum samples with a punchy feel.

When downloading, make sure to select the "One Shots Sample Pack" version of the product, as this is the free option available.

For those seeking additional complimentary sounds to complement their drum kit, Drumdrops also offers the 1960s Precision Bass sound library, providing free bass sounds to accompany your beats.

Download this free Kontakt drumkit here 



PRISM Drums – Lite Edition emerges as an exceptional drum sample library designed for Kontakt Player, setting a high standard among free offerings in the realm of drum libraries.

This instrument boasts five meticulously crafted drum kits: Modern Pop, Retro Pop, Trailer, Indie Pop, and Hip-hop. Each preset is meticulously tailored to suit a specific genre, providing users with ready-to-play kits complete with built-in effects.

Within each drum kit, users have access to eight essential elements: Kick, Snare, Clap, Close HiHat, Open HiHat, Hi Tom, Low Tom, and Crash. This comprehensive selection allows for the creation of dynamic and diverse drum arrangements.

Furthermore, PRISM Drums Lite offers NKS compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine. This feature enhances workflow efficiency and usability, making it even more accessible to producers.

Overall, PRISM Drums – Lite Edition stands out as a top-tier drum library, offering versatility, quality, and ease of use, all at no cost.

Download this free drum sample library here


Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy offers a variety of free drum kits on its Free Samples page, featuring samples sourced from their premium products.

Two standout offerings worth exploring are the 808 Tape kit and the Club Kicks sample pack. Renowned for their exceptional quality, both kits showcase some of the finest analog drums available in the market.

The 808 samples, for instance, were meticulously recorded onto a 1/4″ analog tape before being resampled, resulting in enhanced saturation and gritty character. Combining Wave Alchemy's 808 Tape with other renowned kits like Goldbaby's Cassette808, Samples From Mars 808, and our BPB Cassette 808 provides an extensive range of 808 samples to suit any production need.

A helpful tip: Nearly every Wave Alchemy sound library includes a freely downloadable demo pack. Simply visit the individual product pages on Wave Alchemy's online store to access these complimentary packs.

Download this free sample pack here


Labs Vintage Drums

LABS Vintage Drums, a complimentary drum kit offered by Spitfire Audio, stands out as one of the premier options for high-quality acoustic drum samples available at no cost.

This library showcases the exquisite tones of a 1975 Ludwig kit featuring a 26" bass drum, reminiscent of the iconic Jon Bonham sound, along with a 1940 Slingerland kit equipped with calfskin heads. Recorded at Kerwax Studio in Brittany, the samples were captured using exceptionally rare microphones and gear, alongside a custom-made micing console.

The result is a meticulously sampled drum kit that exudes excellence in sound quality. Versatile enough to complement a wide range of musical styles, from pop and indie to heavy rock, these samples are sure to elevate any production.

Notably, LABS Vintage Drums seamlessly integrates with Spitfire Audio's free LABS plugin, providing users with a streamlined and accessible means of incorporating these exceptional drum sounds into their projects.

Download this free vintage drum kit here


The Creative ToolboX

The Creative ToolboX: Drums and Percussion stands as a remarkable free Kontakt library, offering a diverse array of drums and percussion instruments for music production.

Developed by Strezov Sampling, renowned for their expertise in crafting orchestral and cinematic sounds, this library encompasses a comprehensive selection of elements, including drum machines, an acoustic drum kit, and a percussion section.

One of the standout features of this library is its extensive customization options. Users have the freedom to tailor the included drums to their liking using a range of effects such as EQ, compression, reverb, and transient shaping. Additionally, the library includes a dedicated drum mixer, complete with controls for volume, pitch, pan, and reverb on each channel, providing further flexibility and control over the sound.

With its rich selection of meticulously sampled drums and percussion instruments and robust customization capabilities, The Creative ToolboX: Drums and Percussion is a valuable addition to any producer's toolkit.

Download this free Kontakt drum library here


Organic Drum Loops

Organic Drum Loops offers a rich selection of multi-sampled acoustic drum kits, comprising both drum loops and one-shot samples.

The provided sound libraries encompass a diverse range of styles, spanning from jazzy and funky to heavy and gritty, ensuring versatility for various musical projects.

While the focus is primarily on acoustic drums, the collection caters to a wide spectrum of preferences and genres.

For those seeking a comprehensive solution without the need to download multiple drum kits separately, Organic Drum Loops also provides a free VST plugin, available on their website. This plugin offers a convenient and consolidated approach to accessing the diverse range of drum sounds offered by Organic Drum Loops.

Download this free drum loops pack here



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