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Music Theory Simplified - (Paperback/PDF)
Music Theory Simplified - (Paperback/PDF)
Music Theory Simplified - (Paperback/PDF)
Music Theory Simplified - (Paperback/PDF)
Music Theory Simplified - (Paperback/PDF)

Music Theory Simplified - (Paperback/PDF)

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In a world dominated by AI and sample platforms, aspiring producers and musicians often overlook the essential theoretical aspects of music. Tellier, the mind behind Musiciangoods, stumbled into music production without a formal musical background, relying on YouTube tutorials.

He discovered that while he could make decent music, the lack of understanding of the language of music limited his creativity.

The book introduces a fresh perspective on music theory, acknowledging that traditional teaching methods are often dull and outdated. It focuses on the seven core principles essential for creating music from scratch, forming the foundation of its seven chapters.

The approach promotes linear learning, guiding readers from basics to advanced topics. Visual aids, cheat sheets, real-life examples, and QR code video tutorials enhance the learning experience, making complex concepts more accessible.

Unravel a decade of knowledge in days with this concise 115-page guide—a shortcut to what took the author years to master.

🧑‍🎓 Learn what's necessary: Navigate the complexities of music theory without unnecessary obstacles. This book focuses on the essential elements you need to understand and create music effectively.

📷 QR video tutorials: For concepts that are harder to grasp there are interactive video tutorials included. Simply scanning the QR code with your smartphone will take you to the corresponding video tutorial.

📚 Seven Key Concepts: M. Tellier distills a decade of music theory learning into seven crucial concepts. Each concept is presented in bite-sized lessons with rich illustrations, cheat sheets, analogies, and real-world examples from popular songs.

🎸 Transformative Learning: Become a literate musician with the ability to create and recognize chords, compose unique melodies, build chord progressions, decipher musical notation, understand rhythm and timing, explore the circle of fifths, and much more.

📘 Unconventional Approach to Music Theory: "Music Theory Simplified" breaks away from traditional texts, presenting concepts in a toddler-friendly manner with analogies. Packed with cheat sheets, chord charts, scale charts, and visuals, it simplifies complex ideas.

Ready to unlock your full musical potential? Capture the melodies in your mind—order "Music Theory Simplified" now and unleash your creativity! 🎶📘


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